Design Rule Setup

KiCad requires that you manually set the design rules in PCBNew when you start a new board layout.

Generating Manufacturing Files

We accept .kicad_pcb board layout files directly. For most users, this is the best way to order boards designed with KiCad. We process files using the latest stable Kicad version (currently Kicad 8).

We also support uploading gerbers generated with Kicad. For additional details, see our guide on generating and submitting gerbers. We detect KiCad’s output filenames automatically, so it’s not necessary to rename them.

Common Issues

Make sure to run ‘Fill Zones’

Some operations in Kicad may not update fill zones (usually ground pours), which can leave them out of date and not reflecting the intended changes to a PCB. You will be prompted re update zones when running the DRC, CAM export, or it can be done using the hotkey b. Once filled, the results will be saved in the file.

Due to Kicad’s file format, we do not re-fill zones for uploaded .kicad_pcb files. Kicad stores design rule information in an external .kicad_pro file, which is not present during uploads.

Older Versions

This documentation is valid for Kicad 7 and 8. If you’re using older versions (6x and 5x), see our Legacy Kicad documentation.