Traxmaker 2000

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TraxMaker 2000 is a PCB layout program associated with CircuitMaker 2000, made by Protel in the 1990s. There’s an online manual available here: TraxMaker Manual.

Turn off Board Outline from non-Outline Layers

Figure 9-7 on page 9-14 in the TraxMaker Manual shows a screenshot of the Gerber Options. You’ll want to uncheck Board Layer under the Include section. The board layer will then only be generated on the board outline gerber layer.

When the board outline appears on the copper or silk layers, our system interprets it as you wanting copper left in place. This can be aesthetically pleasing, if you expected it, but it can also cause shorts in your design if you didn’t.

You can always manually delete the board outline from every layer using GerbV, but it’s better to not generate it in the first place.

Rename the Layers

Our system mostly identifies TraxMaker 2000 files correctly with the standard .ger endings, so you may not need to change the file names. Take a very close look at the image previews and be sure every layer looks correct.

If you do need to change them, you’ll want to follow our Suggested Naming Pattern.

If you’re having trouble seeing the .gbr or .ger endings, it’s probably because Windows and Macs like to hide the file extensions by default. You can google “Show File Extensions” for whichever operating system you’re using.

Original TraxMaker filenames renamed to match our Suggested Naming Pattern