Shipping Information and Turnaround Times

There are two periods of time to think about when making your order:

  • Fabrication time is the time between when you place your order and when we receive boards from the fab.
  • Shipping time is the time between when we ship your order and when you receive it.

All PCBs ship from Lake Oswego, Oregon, and are fully manufactured in the United States.

Fabrication Times

Turnaround times range from 5 business days to 3-4 weeks, depending on which service you select.

Please see our services page for fabrication options.

Shipping Options

Domestic US Orders

Service Typical Delivery Time Typical Cost
USPS First Class 1-5 business days $0
USPS Priority 2-3 business days $5
USPS Express 1-2 business days $20
UPS Ground 1-7 business days Varies
UPS Second Day Air By the end of the second business day Varies
UPS Next Day Air By the end of next business day Varies

All domestic shipping options provide order tracking

International orders

Service Typical Delivery Time Tracking Typical Cost
International First Class 75% in under 2 weeks.
90% in under 3 weeks.
Varies between 3 days and 3 weeks, depending on country.
75% of orders are delivered in under 2 weeks.
90% of orders are delivered in under 3 weeks.
No $0
UPS Express Saver 1 to 3 business days. By the end of next business day to Canada.
Two business days to Europe and Latin America.
Two or three business days to Asia.
Yes ~$25 to $40USD

Due to variability of shipping times with International First Class, this shipping option is not advised for time-critical packages. For those packages, we suggest UPS Express Saver


What happened to the international shipping options?

As of Oct 11, 2016, we no longer offer USPS Priority International, USPS Express International, or UPS Worldwide Expedited through the website. This is due to our ability to offer drastically reduced rates on UPS Worldwide Express Saver, which makes these options obsolete.

  • USPS Priority ($25, untracked) is replaced by our Free Shipping ($0, untracked). Our free shipping is faster in almost all cases.
  • USPS Express International ($50) provides tracking for only a few countries, and often gets delayed in Customs. This is replaced by Free Shipping (often faster), or UPS Express Saver (faster, better tracking, similar price).
  • UPS Expedited is simply now more expensive than UPS Worldwide Express Saver at our new rates for slower service.

For orders that need delivery where these shipping options are not viable, please contact [email protected].

What about UPS Brokerage fees?

UPS Worldwide Express Saver shipments do not have brokerage fees.

This should be a nice change for customers used to UPS Expedited, which was subject to brokerage fees.

Can I combine orders for expedited shipping?

During checkout, the selected shipping method will be used for all items in your cart. This includes orders that will be shipped at different times, such as ones containing a mix of 2 layer, 4 layer, or Super Swift boards.

For items purchased at different times (and with different order numbers), we cannot guarantee combined shipping. However, our system will automatically try to combine them into the fastest selected parcel type, as long as they’re shipped at the same time.

If you accidentally left a board out of your initial checkout, send your order numbers to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help sort it out.