Eagle: CAM Jobs to Generate Gerbers

Step One: Download the CAM Job

Most Eagle .brd files can be uploaded directly to the website and we’ll handle getting them ready for the fab.

Sometimes, you might want to submit gerber layer files in a zip file instead. We might need these if your board is too large and complicated for our site to process, or if you want a copy of the gerbers to use at another fab house. In any case, you’ll need to download the appropriate CAM job.

Due to a change in how Eagle 7.2 generates Excellon drill files, we now provide two sets of CAM files. They are not interchangeable! We can detect and fix the issue automatically if you upload a .brd file, but uploading a zip file of gerbers generated in Eagle 7.2 or newer using the old CAM job will cause the site to give you an error.

Step Two: Generate Gerbers

  1. Open your board in Eagle.

    Example Eagle board file.

  2. Run the “CAM Processor”, File -> CAM Processor.

    This is Eagle's default CAM processor.

  3. Open the CAM job from step 1. File -> Open -> Job, and select the name of the .cam file you downloaded.

    Loaded CAM file.

  4. Run the CAM job to generate gerbers. Click the “Process Job” button. This will generate a bunch of files ending in .ger and one ending in .xln.

    Generated gerber files.

    You may also see a files ending in “.gpi” and “.dri” but these are Drill Station Info and Gerber Plotter Info files, which we don’t need. You can ignore them.

  5. Zip them all up, and upload them to OSHPark.com! :D