Drill File CAM Configuration

  1. To configure Drill file output format, go to File -> CAM. If a drill layer is present select it and hit Edit, otherwise click Add Define CAM Documents window

  2. For the drill document, select Excellon for the document style. Drill Document information

  3. Then select Device Setup, and the Excellon tab. The important settings are:
    • Output Type must be Ascii
    • Units must be English (00.00)
    • Zero Suppression must be None
    • Coordinates should be Absolute, but on rare occasions may need to be Relative. NC Drill Configuration
  4. The Drill Listing tab is not significant, and can be disregarded.


The following image shows a properly aligned drill file, and should resemble your previews when uploading your board. If anything looks strange, consult our Drill Troubleshooting Guide for some tips or email [email protected] for assistance.

Correctly Aligned Drills