2 Layer Super Swift Service

Need 2-layer boards in a hurry? Our Super Swift Service has the same quality you know and love, with an even faster turn time of 5 business days.


$10 per square inch, which includes three copies of your design.

For example, a 2 square inch board would cost $20 and you’d get three copies of your board. This includes our Free Shipping option, although expedited shipping options are available.

Turn Times

Orders are sent to fabrication daily and are guaranteed to ship within 5 business days. 90% of our super swift orders ship within 4 business days.

You can get a quote, approve a design, and pay for an order at OSH Park.

Super Swift Service is not available for Medium Run or Four Layer orders.

As a special bonus, orders placed before 11AM on Monday will ship by Friday of that week.

Note for international orders: In most cases, it will cost less and arrive faster if you order on the standard 2 layer service with expedited shipping.

2 Layer PCB Specs

Quick Specs

Detailed Specs

2 Layer Stackup

Thickness Layer Tolerance
1mil solder resist +/-0.2mil
1.4 mil 1 oz copper  
60 mil core +/-6mil
1.4 mil 1 oz copper  
1mil solder resist +/-0.2mil

2 layer Drill Specs