Manually Adding the Tool List

Some older CAD programs, including Ranger 3, separate the tool information into two files. One file contains placement while the other contains the tool size information. The big clue is if you submit your design and all the drill holes look like they’re the same size.

We expect the Excellon/NC drill file to be completely self-contained, so we don’t automatically look for a tool list file.

, so you’ll need to combine those. You can use the drill tool info.txt tool information to modify the Drill Data.txt file, and then you’ll want to delete the drill tool info.txt file, as we won’t need it.

Before starting this, verify in a gerber preview program such as GerbV that there is no offset between the drills and the other layers. We process the files exactly as they’re submitted without making modifications, so the drills, though they’ll all still be the same incorrect size before applying the tool fix, should appear in the place where you want them when viewed in GerbV.

To make the fix, open drill tool info.txt.

# Tool code   Size (inches)    No. of holes 
T1            0.0300              13
T2            0.0350             200
T3            0.1181               6

You’ll have to make the new tool definition section at the top of Drill Data.txt. The Excellon format uses a C to indicate the tool size in inches, so the fixed file will start out with this section at the top, with the added C0.XXXX data for each tool: