Altium Designer

Altium Designer is a professional PCB design tool.

Generating NC Drill Files

We need the drills exported in the 2:4 inches format or a 3:3 metric format. Check out our Drill File CAM configuration page for settings that we know will work correctly.

Board Outlines

We need a watertight board outline on its own layer with no extra text or measurements. This tells us where the fab should mill the edges of the board, and where to cut any internal slots or cutouts.

For best results, place the outline by itself on the .GKO layer. Remove the mechanical layers from your zip file and only include the files listed on our suggested naming patterns page.

Mechanical Layers on other gerber plots

Altium has an option “Mechanical Layers to Add to All Gerber plots”, which must have all layers unchecked. May footprints contain mechanical “courtyard” or “pick and place” data. If this is added to copper layers, it can create gerbers that will be fabricated with shorts. See Altium’s Gerber Setup for information on how to access this setting.

Mechanical shorts are visible, but difficult to see on previews