Eagle Design Rules files.

When laying out your design, it’s advised to load our Design Rules, so Eagle will generate warnings and ground planes according to our manufacturing specs.

After downloading the file, you can load it under Tools > DRC > Load, and then selecting the appropriate file.

Keeping Up to date

While uncommon, we may occasionally update our DRC settings as we improve our specs. You may want to periodically update your files, or use our Eagle Tools to help manage them.

User Settings

In addition to manufacturing requirements, the DRC settings also contain a few user-selectable settings which might be helpful.

Clearance > Same Signals: These settings can be reduced to 0 to prevent warnings about placing vias close together, or placing vias next to a pad.

Restring >% and Restring > Max : These can be adjusted to changed the proportions Eagle uses when placing through-holes. Min can be increased, but should not be below 7mil.

Shapes: This adjusts the curvature of SMD footprints and “long pad” through-hole footprints.

Supply: Should be at least 6 mil.

Masks > Limit: This setting allows you to “tent” vias, and cover them with stop mask. Eagle will cover any vias below the Limit with stop mask, and will only expose vias larger than Limit. If you want to expose a specific via below the Limit (for example, test points), you can check the Stop setting in the Properties menu of the via. Typically, a good value for this is either around 20-30 mil, but it will vary by design. Our stock CAM settings have it set to 0 to disable via tenting.

Misc: All options here are adjustable.