2 Layer Medium Run Service

Moving to a small production run? Our medium run service will help bridge the gap between prototypes and a full panel.


$1 per square inch, 100 square inch minimum. You can have as many different designs as you want, as long as each design is ordered in a multiple of 10 boards.

For example, if you had two different 5 square inch designs, you could order 10 of each for a total cost of $100.

100 inches is just the minimum order. You can order as much as you’d like beyond that.

Turn Times

Fabrication time can vary for medium run orders, but boards will ship in 15 calendar days or fewer.

Medium Run orders cannot be expedited. For faster fabrications options, you may be interested in our 2 Layer Service or even faster 2 Layer Super Swift Service.

You can get a quote, approve a design, and pay for an order at OSH Park.

Fabrication Specs

2 Layer PCB Specs

Quick Specs

Detailed Specs

2 Layer Stackup

Thickness Layer Tolerance
1mil solder resist +/-0.2mil
1.4 mil 1 oz copper  
60 mil core +/-6mil
1.4 mil 1 oz copper  
1mil solder resist +/-0.2mil

2 layer Drill Specs